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The following links will help further your search for an animal and/or further information on the internet: The largest selection of animals nationwide. This database provides a list of adoptable animals and a good list of no-kill shelters. A great resource for animals in Southern California. A great resource for animals and shelters throughout Montana. A database of shelters and adoptable animals.
Adopt a rescue dog: Rescue dogs that need adoption.
Animal Rescue League: The Animal Rescue League.
Blind dogs needing homes: Finds home for blind dogs.
Dog gone petloss service): Finds lost dogs and gets them home.
Hearts united for animals-nebraska: Nebraska's own pet/shelter service.
Mercy crusade inc: Mercy Crusade Inc.
No kill shelters by state: Search for No kill shelters by state.
Pet harbor: Searches for lost dogs.
pet love shack: Adoption links.
Therapy dogs intl: Therapy dogs International.

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