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Breeds: Small - Huge

Dogs are available in a variety of sizes and breeds, however the number of breeds are too numerous to discuss here, but we will discuss size, because when it come to dogs size does Matter!
What size dog do you want? Do you long for a little lap dog, or do you wish for a running partner? Consider the space you have available in your home, including yard space and nearby parks. (Note: Height for dogs is height at the shoulder.)

SMALL DOGS: (Chihuahua-shown,Dachshund,Pomeranian,Pekingese & Pugs)

HEIGHT: under 13 inches
WEIGHT: Less than 30 pounds

MEDIUM DOGS:(Beagles,Cocker spanials,Boxers & Fox Terriers)

HEIGHT: 13-21 inches
WEIGHT: 30 to 60 pounds

LARGE DOGS:(Bloodhounds,Bulldogs,German Shepherds & Retrievers)

HEIGHT: 21-26 inches
WEIGHT: 60 to 90 pounds

HUGE DOGS:(Rottweilers-shown,Great Danes & St. Bernards)
HEIGHT: over 26 inches
WEIGHT: 90 pounds and over

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