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Brain Mania CD-ROM By Eric Jensen

Make a lasting impression with these colorful brain images!
Here are dozens of colorful brains you can use for illustrations,
diagrams and knock-your-socks-off presentations. Every angle,
every technology and every function is explored and covered.
This cutting-edge CD-ROM is an "out-of-the-box"
presentation with easy-to-use files that you can understand
and use in almost no time at all.
Price $65.00

Owner's Manual for the Brain By P Howard

If we made a “top ten” list of brain books, this practical “bible”
of brain information would be very close to the top. Newly updated with
the most recent findings, this second edition favorite combines the latest
science with real-world applications to enhance your home, work, and
personal lifeA valuable resource for everyone-parents, teens, teachers,
professionals, and managers. 832 pages (Part Theory, Part Practical)
Price: $25.00
Inside the Brain/Research By Ronald Kotulak

This Pulitzer-Prize-winning author has interviewed more than 300
brain researchers from around the world in order to bring you this
fascinating book. You’ll enjoy new discoveries about how we learn,
what causes criminal behavior, how memories can be enhanced, and
much more. Ideal for parents and anyone curious about the latest
brain research. 191 pages (Theory & Research)
Price: $13.00

The Brain Encyclopedia By Carol Turkington
The Brain Encyclopedia promises to be one of the most valuable
reference books in your library. For the layman or professional who
seeks to understand the most mysterious, complex organ in the human
anatomy. From acetylcholine to white matter, this convenient A-to-Z
guide takes readers on a guided tour through the most current info
on the subject, including: brain research, breakthroughs, structure,
development, mapping, and injuries.316 pages (Theory & Research)
Price: $19.00

101 Questions Your Brain Has Asked About
Itself but Couldn't Answer...Until Now Faith Hickman Byrnie

Thanks to new technologies that allow scientists to see the living brain
at work, many old questions have been answered; however many new
ones have surfaced. This unique and appealing resource addresses the
101 most commonly asked questions about the brain by young adults.
Tthe answers are entertaining and accessible to middle-school-aged
learners, as well as adults. . 145 pages (Part Theory, Part Practical)
Price: $27.00

The Brain: Binder Chart 8.5” x 11”

Accurately detailed in every way, this handy full-color laminated chart
fits snugly into a standard three-ring binder. Precisely labele it depicts
the lobes, brainstem, limbic system, and arteries as well as sagittal and
coronal sections. The reverse contains detailed illustrations and text portraying
the vascular supply, ventricles, meninges, histology, and important brain facts.
Pre-punched for three ring binders. (All Practical Applications)
Price: $4.00

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